About and FAQ


The Dream Islam website is the continuation of my adventure in dream science in Islam, which I accidentally launched in 2011. My first articles on the interpretation of dreams can still be found on the website Papotons Ensemble in French. Following the interest generated by the interpretation of dreams, I decided to launch a dedicated website on the interpretation of dreams in french et english (https://dream-islam-interpretation.blogspot.com). The site is still active.

And now, you are on the dream islam website. It is a complement of the official site where I answer the questions of people whether they are Muslims or not. I do not like social networks, hence the usefulness of creating a platform where it is me who decides the rules.

Who am I ?

My name is Houssen Moshinaly. I live in Madagascar. I am a writer, blogger and webmaster of several sites. My job is copywriter. I do interpretation of dreams in Islam on my free time, but I want make it on a full time job to help the community.

For several years, I am quite known in the world of the interpretation of dreams in Islam in the Francophone community. And I decided to make my modest contribution to the English-speaking world. As a result, I do not speak native English and therefore, be indulgent when I answer someone and that my English is not perfect.

What is on this website about dreams in Islam?

You can find a question/answer section that is indicated for requests about your dream. People prefer the questions section because it is easier to use. This site will have also articles on dream interpretations. But you can find a very complete guide to make your first interpretations. And I will publish, if I have time, other articles in the future.

I need your donations

Since 2011, I have never charging for the interpretation of dreams. But all work deserves pay and I think I’ve been helping people for free during many years. So donate to support me. Donations can by monthly on Patreon or in one-time payments by Xoom or Western Union. Check out our donation page for more details.

Beware of fake sites and scams on dreams in Islam!

In 2011, I was the only one to offer dreams meanings in Islam. But since there is a lot of interest, there are other people who have started in this area. But I tell you right now, they are not dream interpreters. They just took Ibn Sirin’s book and they copied and pasted the pages. Myself, I use this book a lot and many of my articles are inspired by it.

But none of them will answer your questions for free for almost 7 years! And yet, that’s what I did. In fact, if you want my dream interpretations, the only legitimate sites are :

Beware of all others, especially those who promise you lot of things. The book of Ibn Sirin dates back several centuries and several hundred interpretations are now obsolete. In my interpretations, I also integrate a scientific part, in particular psychology and a little neurology.

Dreams in Islam are a science, not a hodgepodge of magics where you tell anything. All my articles about dreams in Islam are signed by my name, Houssen Moshinaly, while others are totally anonymous and in fact, most sites are not even held by Muslims …

Do you have a WhatsApp group or something?

I had created a Whatsapp group, but scammers have used it to commit abuses. Hence my warning to be wary of false interpreters. Since 90% of those who asking questions about dream are women, there have been many problems.

Some women have complained about the dubious behavior of these scammers. I can get in touch with you, but only through the paid interpretation of dreams. This helps avoid unpleasant surprises.

Are you an imam or other?

Neither ! I am simply interested in the interpretation of dreams in Islam, from a point of view of the study of the human mind. I am not a raqui or anything. I do not like superstitions and bad beliefs where we have a real market that is created, only for profit. I tried to help my neighbors to the extent of my means.

Do not expect miraculous help, remember that I do all this on my free time. Do not expect a quick answer, even if you donate. It is not because you give a few dollars, that I am at your service!

Can you help me in witchery?

I have a some knowledge of the occult arts, but I never practice them. In fact, it was one of my specialties before I became interested in the science of dreams. The problem with the occult arts is that once you get into it, you never get out. I do not do any of this, even though I was offered large sums of money to do it.