Dream of black (Color)


In the interpretation of dreams in Islam, the color black means prosperity and happiness. In a dream, everything black represents money, dominion and power and particularly for those who are used to wearing black. Otherwise, as for those who are not used to wearing black garments, wearing it in a dream means sorrow.

The meaning of black color in dream in Islam

The dream of black can be linked to uncertainty. If one dreams that one walks and the horizon is black or obscured, then it means that one had difficulty to define its objectives. Dreaming of the black also indicates the passion for his work or the ability to get up after the difficulties. If one dreams that one becomes black (changing color), then it means that one is going to have a dramatic change in one’s life or that one is a impostor. In general, the dream of black whether in objects or other is always a good sign.


I have been interpreting dreams in Islam since 2011. On this site and forum, I respond to people who want to give meaning to their dreams according to Islamic traditions. In all these years, I have had a long experience in this field.

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