Dream of Iron in Islam


In Islamic dreams, iron represents longevity. If one sees himself holding a piece of iron in his dream, it means wealth and strength after poverty and weakness. If one sees himself eating a piece of iron in a dream, it means victory in his life.

What is the meaning of dreaming of iron in Islam ?

If he eats it with bread in the dream, it means bearing difficulties in his livelihood. Discovering iron as a mineral in a dream means prosperity and strength in one’s livelihood. Forging iron in a dream means becoming competent and qualified in one’s craft. Town iron in a dream means wealth which is accumulated with great pain.

If the dream of pure iron is globally positive, jewelry and ornaments in iron can point to bad signs. Thus, the dream of iron jewelry represents a low value compared to what one should deserve. For example, if one dreams that one carries an iron ring, then it means that one is not recognized correctly in his work. And since you do not normally use iron in ceremonies or parties and if you see a wedding ceremony or a partie where people are wearing jewelry or iron objects, then that means a problem. This may indicate a kind of contempt or disdain for the organizer of the event.


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