Dream of Bismillah (Basmalah) in Islam

Calling the Name of God Almighty in a dream means blessed tidings. Basmalah in a dream also represents attainment, knowledge, guidance and wealth. Reciting the formula: Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem‘ in a dream also means living to see one’s children and grand children.

What is the meaning of dreaming of Bismillah (Basmalah) in Islam
It also means recovering a lost article. Bismillah in a dream also means placing the intention to get married, tidings of a good progeny, and receiving guidance after heedlessness. If one writes down such a call: ‘In the Name of God’ with a beautiful handwriting in his dream, it means that he will receive wealth and recognition in his fieldof knowledge.

If a deceased person writes Bismillah one’s dream, it means that such a person dwells encompassed with God’s mercy. If the one who wrote Bismillah in the dream is alive and if he erases it or if a bird steals it from him in the dream, it means the nearing of his death and exhaustion of his sustenance in this world. If one recites Bismillah during his prayers in a dream when itis not his custom to do so, it means borrowing an unnecessary amount of money or giving preference to leaning toward one’s mother rather than his father or the opposite.


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