Dream of bug (Insect) in Islam

Theses meaning in dream in Islam about bugs can apply to any bug or blood sucking insect in dream. Seeing a bug in a dream in Islam means facing a weak enemy. If a small bug enters one’s body in a dream, it means that a poor person will visit him to receive some mental satisfaction or to solicit a small financial support.

Like in reality, bug in dream point to weak, but numerous enemy. Generally, these enemy is among the relatives or neighbors. It’s very rare that the dream of bug or insect in Islam point to dangerous enemy. But, some insect in dream can harm while others provoke a panic without reason. We can mention cockroach in dream, mosquito, etc. Note that these dream of bug apply to domestic ones. For example, dream of spider, scorpion and something like that have different meaning (search on this blog for these others symbols).

Bugs or insect don’t represent a real danger, but they are very annoying and can disturb your daily life. In the same manner, bug or insect in dream represent a enemy who can be jealous toward you and they try nasty things such as backbiting, false allegations, etc.

If one see that his house are invaded by various bugs, it means there are more and more enemy. And it can be a good solution to change house, work or any field who produce enmity. Moreover, bug in dream represent a very discreet enemy. They can also play a double role (good toward you and the opposite when they are with others).

Dream of flea in Islam

Any leaping bloodsucking insect when seen in a dream represents a weak person who uselessly occupies himself at defaming others. Fleas in a dream also represent God’s soldiers.

If one sees an army of fleas stinging him in a dream, it means threats and distress caused by a rubbish type of people. A flea bite in a dream also means earnings. A wounded flea in a dream represents a weak enemy and its blood represents receiving money from a lowly person.

The dream of roaches in Islam indicates weak enemies, but can do a lot of damage. For example, dreaming of a cockroach indicates that a member of the family is sowing discord by staying well hidden behind the scenes. Each type of cockroach indicates the dangerousness of the enemy and the level of his damage. In general, the dream of bugs in Islam is always negative except in very special cases.


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