Dreaming of buying in Islam


In the interpretation of dreams in Islam, buying usually means selling. But it must be understood in an sense of emergency. The dream of buying means generally that we are in need and that we must sacrifice something that belongs to us. And it is valid for all the goods that we will buy. The need is proportional to the purchase that we will make in the dream. However, it is important to distinguish the dream from the purchase with the thing in itself. For example, the dream of buying a home should be interpreted according to the context. Is it the purchase that is important or the home?

The interpretation of dream in Islam about buying.

Buying in the dream also means betrayal in one’s personal relationship or religion. If one dreams that one buys clothes, then it means attention to one’s appearance and this can point to pride. Dreaming of buying jewelry can mean wealth or an increase in income. But dreaming to buy jewelry that is neither silver nor gold means that we will lie or swindle people. This is especially the case when one buys jewelry that resembles gold, but that they are made of iron. Buying something with coins in dream means that you live above your means and you have to be careful not to fall into poverty. Dreaming of buying with banknotes means wealth spread. In general, the dream of purchase has a minor importance and one must always combine it with other symbols to have a good interpretation.


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