Dream of long hair in Islam

The dream of long hair depends on your own hair in reality. If you have short hair and dream long hair, then it indicates a drastic behavior change. Dream of Hair is always associated with money and longevity. And therefore, the hair dream, by extension, is aimed at your work that brings you back your income. If you have short hair, but you dream of long hair, then this may represent an increase in income (if there is no change in behavior).

But it can also mean wasted money or a bad investment. This is especially valid when this money does not belong to you. For example, I had people who dreamed of long hair when they had borrowed from the bank but misused it. The dream of long hair also indicates an increase in his authority. So a man in Morocco had sent me a dream of having such long hair that they were touching the ground and then he had told me he had appointed to a government post.

If you dream of long hair and your hair mixes with your beard or covers your face, then it means urgent debts. If you dream that you have long hair under the armpits, then this indicates your generosity or that you will reach your goal. The same is true if you dream of long, thick hair. But beware, if you dream of long hair that is sticky or oily, then it means bad behavior that will fall on you. For example, a woman told me that she was constantly dreaming of long, sticky hair. Well, she used to gossip and one day it fell on her face.

The dream of long hair also indicates the adversity and wickedness of others. If you dream that your children have long hair, then this indicates their longevity. So yes, the dream of long hair often has positive meanings, but it can also be bad depending on the context and the state of the hair.


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