Dreaming of Circumambulation (tawaf) around Kaaba


In the interpretation of dreams in Islam, if a sinner sees himself circumambulating God’s House in Mecca, it means that he will be freed from suffering in hell-fire. If one is unmarried, it means that he will get married. If one qualifies for promotion, it means that he will receive it.

The interpretation of dream in Islama about circumambulating around Kaaba.

Seeing oneself performing a pilgrimage in a dream also means circumambulating God’s house in Mecca, developing a good character, living a straight and a worthy life, safety from fear, repayment of one’s debts, delivering entrusted merchandise to their rightful owners or money to its people on demand, being trustworthy, living an ascetic life, fulfilling a promise, atonement for one’s sins, distributing expiatory gifts or interceding on behalf of a trustworthy and a noble Imam.

Seeing oneself circumambulating God’s house while riding on a mare in a dream means that one will commit the abominable sin of adultery with a member of his own family or with a consanguineous blood relative with whom itis not permissible to have sexual relationship. But in general, all the dreams of the Tawaf of the Kaaba are positive and in some Islamic communities it is common practice to give small presents or sweets when you make this dream since it is a sign that one deserves to have a such pure dream.


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