Dreaming of quranic verses in Islam

Reading or listening to Quranic verses in a dream may carry needed interpretations related to one’s current studies of God’s holy Book. If they indicate verses of mercy in the dream, it means that he will receive it, and if they carry admonition in the dream, and unless one immediately repents, they mean a punishment for one’s sins.

The interpretation of the quranic verses in dream remains a debate among the interpreters. Some people think that it is necessary to do a literal interpretation and then, to go deep in the psychology of the dreamer to see if it applies. Others believe that one must try to interpret the quranic verses in the dream directly according to the context of the dreamer. Like many things with the Qur’an, the results are ambiguous.

My advice with the Qur’anic verses in the dream is to use a direct approach. Try to find the literal interpretation to determine whether this applies to your life or not. Then you can seek the advice of a connoisseur for a deeper interpretation. Note that the interpreter can not interpret verses, it usually gives a literal translation. By my own experience and the hundreds of interpretations that I have made, direct interpretation has given the best results. And the dream of Koranic verses are different from dreaming of the quran or even dreaming of reciting the quran in general.


I have been interpreting dreams in Islam since 2011. On this site and forum, I respond to people who want to give meaning to their dreams according to Islamic traditions. In all these years, I have had a long experience in this field.

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