Dream of rabbit in Islam

In a dream, a rabbit represents a coward man, a wife, an evil woman, or someone who talks continuously about unimportant matters. Eating rabbit meat in a dream means getting little money, or profiting from a woman. A rabbit’s foot in a dream represents superstition or a talisman.

The dream of rabbit in Islam is usually a bad sign because it is an animal that is badly perceived. It symbolizes cowardice. If we dream that we turn into a rabbit, then it indicates that we shirk responsibility. It may also indicate that you are not providing enough for your family.

The color of the rabbit is important in the dream. Dreaming of a white rabbit is better than the dream of a dark rabbit or an abnormal color (there are no rabbits of this color in nature). If we dream of many rabbits in an urban area, then it means carelessness in this city. It can also indicate people who peddle rumors.


I have been interpreting dreams in Islam since 2011. On this site and forum, I respond to people who want to give meaning to their dreams according to Islamic traditions. In all these years, I have had a long experience in this field.

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