Guide of the interpretation of dream in Islam

The ultimate guide to the interpretation of dream in Islam. Getting started and begin to interpret your dreams by your own with our help !

This article is taken and translated from the french site Papotons Ensemble where I first spoke about the interpretation of dreams in Islam. This article is several years old and therefore, I corrected some errors and this article will be modified as and when. For newcomers, this guide will help you get started on dreams in Islam. Do not rush to the question’s section to ask for an interpretation if you do not already have a good foundation in interpretation dream in Islam. This type of guide and other posts are designed so that you can interpret your dreams by your own.


Dream’s interpretation in western science and Islam

The interpretation of dreams is considered quackery by Western science. Sigmund Freud has tried to use a psychological approach to interpret dreams, but we note that it is very superficial and devoid of common sense. In Islam, the interpretation of dreams is considered an integral part of religion. This allowed many thinkers and religious to write and reflect on the meanings of dreams. Mohammed Ibn Sirin is undoubtedly one of the best known, but there are many others who have documented the interpretation of dreams according to Islamic tradition. However, the interpretation is so rich that the meaning can also apply to all beliefs as long as the interpretation pays attention to the context provided by the dreamer.

Deconditionning the brain ?

Another explanation is that the dream is a way for the brain to decondition the events of the day. Indeed, our mind is confronted with a lot of information for a single day, people tell you things, some will convince you of a given idea, but the mind refuses to be manipulated, because the principle of human nature is free will. This is why the mind uses dreams to evacuate ideas that would have been implanted by other people.

However, science increasingly refutes this idea by considering that dreams are just chemical reactions and a way for the brain to stage different events. Recent developments in neuroscience believe that many of the mechanisms associated with dreams involve learning, but also memory processing.

Getting started in the interpretation of dreams in Islam

Islam is the only religion that believes that dreams are a way for the divine to speak to men. The interpretation of dreams is taken directly from the Koran, which, according to this religion, contains all the secrets of the universe. Since no other science clearly explains the interpretation of dreams, it is this approach that we will develop here.

Islam believes that the dream is similar to X-rays that can detect diseases in the body. Note that this guide on the interpretation of dreams is primarily for believers/practitioners of Islam, but other sensibilities can also learn things. The reason is that many symbols are similar to many cultures, but one must always pay attention.

But the difference is that the dream probes the destiny and the spirit of the person and it warns him of what will happen in the future. It is obvious that only an ulema (one who knows the science of dreams can interpret a dream). The dream is also a way of challenging oneself and observing the environment around us. One of the main rules of Islam concerns the nightmare and it indicates that one should never speak to anyone under penalty of realizing it. He who has a bad dream must purify himself as quickly as possible.

The different categories of dreams in Islam

  • The dream that announces a news to the believer and a warning to the sinner.
  • The dream at the beginning of the night has no value since it is the moment when the evil spreads on earth.
  • The dream before sunrise (during the Fajr) is the best because it announces upcoming events for good or bad.

The interpretation of dreams in Islam is a very complex thing, because not only does the meaning of the dream vary greatly depending on the time of the night, but it also depends on the person. If the latter is good then a bad dream can mean good news while a sinner who has a good dream can mean that he will soon do bad things.

Two concrete examples: A very religious woman dreams that she has private relations with several men at the same time. Despite the fact that this dream seems bad, it means that this woman will do such an action that she will benefit many people. In the same way, a bad man who dreams that he calls for prayer during the night indicates that he will steal many people and have a bad name in the city.

The difference between dream and sleep

One of the main questions about dream interpretation in Islam is the difference between sleep and dream. Sleep is a state where the person can do nothing. His body is resting to recover from fatigue. The dream is the imagination of the soul. The reality of the dream is that the external senses do not work because the connection of the soul to the outside world is interrupted temporarily and the soul strengthens its connection with the spiritual world.

As a result, the soul is in a world where it has absolute control. It does not need external senses to understand. The soul is an intellectual jewel that is used by the mind, the heart and all the organs of the body. This is why the soul can create things that will never be seen in the real world. If someone claims that the dream is something superficial, then he even denies all the commandments of Islam and for non-Muslims it means that they do not believe a spiritual world.

The different types of dreams in Islam

Islam distinguishes different types of dreams that can have an interpretation or not:

  • The Wahi, only the chosen of God can have this type of dream (for example, the prophet received the commandments of God in this way).
    The dream of annunciation (the privilege of true believers and those who do good deeds).
  • The confused dream (to warn sinners).
  • The attacks of evil in dreams (from time to time, the devil uses dreams to reach the human).

The confused dream can be linked to an experience of everyday life, either through a conversation or an idea that has been imagined. Similarly, the dream can be influenced by fitness and health as well. Dreams are influenced by astrological changes (but this version is challenged by many religious). Each person will have a different experience depending on their vision.

The 3 main types of dreams in Islam

  • Few people see real dreams (premonitory dreams).
  • Some dream the opposite of what will happen.
  • Finally, a minority dream of messages that require in-depth interpretation.

In the first case, a person dreams of a trip and therefore, he will make a trip in the future. In contrary dreams, a person sees himself crying, but that actually means that he will soon be happy, but if a person dreams of good news then he will be told bad. In the third dream that requires in-depth interpretation, a person who is flying in the air indicates that he will be traveling soon. A person who sees himself eating human flesh means that he peddles rumors and backbiting his friends.

A person who sees himself eating a hot meal means that he will soon be arguing with someone, etc. As mentioned, this third dream is the most important, but only an ulema can give meaning. Likewise, not every dream is true, because everyone could become a prophet and they are not all wrong because it would not bring any benefit. The dream is always a mix between the false and the true and it is up to the person to extract the truth from the lie.

Dreams and their meanings in Islam

The interpretation of a dream depends on the situation and the person. If the same dream is observed by an emperor and a beggar then their interpretation is also different. For example, the emperor dreams of the fruit of the pomegranate and that means that his kingdom will soon be filled with the blessings of God. For the ordinary man, this simply indicates his trade or his goods.

For the student, this means that he will succeed in his studies or will have the opportunity to read a valuable book. If you have dreamed of parties and banquets, then it may be the opposite that happens.

The meaning of colors in dreams

Colors have their own meanings in dreams. The color of honey means that a person has succeeded in his spiritual life and is a true believer. If you see your supreme guides in white clothes, it also means spiritual fulfillment. If you dream of white tents, it means that it is related to the martyr (their home). But it can also mean death.

Sex in dreams

The male genital organ plays an important role in dreams. If a man dreams that his organ has been cut, it means he will not live longer. It can also mean the loss of memory or of one’s community. If a person dreams of the female genital organ, then it means that his problems will soon be solved. If he is stressed then he will regain his composure. If he is poor, he will soon be rich because the female genital organ means freedom from evil in Islam. The dream of the female genital organ means he will soon have what he wants.

If he is in debt, then he will be able to pay his debts. It’s a sign of luck to see a vulva that is open. If he dreams of a virgin’s organ, then he will not get the help he expects or his desires will not be realized. If the man sees a virgin organ that has never been touched then he will soon be facing problems and he will not be lucky in his affairs.

If the female genital organ is open to a point where it can see inside or is hidden, but can enter. This means that he will be able to complete a very difficult task after failing at first. He will be able to succeed in this task with the help of someone whom he would not even have suspected that she can help him.

A person who dreams of a man who makes love to a young woman and then looks at the woman’s organ for a moment means that that person’s business will soon be a success after failing in a first time, with the help of the man he saw in the dream. If the person dreams that he is the man with the young woman then it means that he will succeed in his business with his own efforts and that everyone will respect him for that. As a rule, the female genital organ in a dream is a good sign.

However, if a man dreams that he is beginning a private act, but does not finish it then it indicates that he will not be lucky in his affairs. Another interpretation of the dream is when a man is with a woman and that indicates that he will get what she wants from her.

Fruits, vegetables and flowers in the interpretation of dreams in Islam

The dream of fruits and vegetables in dreams. It also depends on the culture in your country or what you are used to eating. It also depends on the harvest season. If one dreams of a fruit that is out of the crop, then the meaning may change.


A bitter orange means that he will soon know who has insulted him.

The carrot

A carrot predicts bad fortune and pain.

Different fruits

Dreaming of different fruits indicates the signs of Paradise. This is particularly the case for fruit baskets, but also when one dreams of places filled with fruit trees.

The mango

Dreaming of a mango indicates that you will soon have a new job or a new way of making a living.

An almond

Dreaming of an almond indicates a temporary punishment. Dreaming that we eat and enjoy an almond means we will be lucky. On the other hand, if the kernel is bitter, it means that you will have to wait before seeing the changes you expect.


Dreaming of honey means that you will soon be rich and in love.

The Lily flower

Dreaming of the flower de Lis predicts a bad fortune that will last at least for 1 year.

The rose

If a woman dreams that she receives a rose and places it in her hair, it means that she will soon be disappointed by a good friend. If she receives a bunch of roses in spring then she will find true love.

If she receives it in winter then she will never find it. Dreaming of a bush of roses blooming means that there will soon be a wedding in the family. To see a fresh rose means that we will receive good news that will make the heart of happiness capsize. On the other hand, getting a faded rose means bad news.

A garden

Dreaming of a vegetable garden means that we will soon be prosperous after a period of deprivation and scarcity. It also suggests stability and personal fulfillment. Dreaming of a flower garden predicts serenity, comfort, true love and happiness in your future. Dreaming of a poorly maintained garden means that you have missed your religious practices.


Trees in dream interpretation mean discussion. A man who dreams of a cultivated plant means that the past is the past and nothing can change and we must move forward. The importance of the thing we regret depends on the size of the tree.

Dreaming of an old tree means a long life and prosperity. If the tree is in bloom and full, then you will soon have a promotion or improvement in your life. If a young married man sees a lot of trees in a forest, then his marriage will last a long time and he will have many children.

The organs of the body in the interpretation of dreams in Islam

The organs and their respective symbols in the meaning of dreams in Islam. Note that each of these bodies have so many meanings that they have a dedicated article on the official website.

The beard

A long beard predicts good fortune and prosperity. But he also announces death if the beard touches the ground.

The teeth

The teeth represent the years. If a man dreams of a fine set of teeth then it means he will have a long life. A molar indicates eternity. A man who dreams that one of his teeth falls may be sure that his enemy is dead.

If you dream of false teeth, this indicates that you will receive unexpected help in the face of a problem. If you dream of rotten teeth, then it indicates that you have spread lies or that you have used your verbal speech for your own sake. If you dream of rotten, distorted or falling teeth, it means that you are hurting someone deeply and that you will soon be unmasked. If you dream of swallowing a tooth, it means that you will have to “eat” your own words.


If we dream of nails that are reversed then this indicates that the victory that was gained will soon change sides. So, someone who thinks he will win will be defeated. Similarly, if he sees the inverted nails of his enemies, it means that the victory that belonged to his enemy will return to him soon.

Bleed eyes

Dreaming of bleeding can mean loss of a child or prosperity.

Be blind

To dream that one is blind can indicate the death of a child, the separation with a brother, a fall in his income.

Clean or dirty clothes

To dream that one wears dry and clean clothes means that one fulfills one’s duties towards one’s religion. To dream of wearing dirty and old clothes indicates a lack of religious practice.

To be naked

Dreaming that you are naked – Loss of personality or consciousness (no shame).


Dreaming of fog indicates bad deeds and sins that will blind you and you will constantly make bad decisions.

The sun, the moon and the stars

Dreaming of the sun, the moon or the stars means that we are on the road to Tawhid (the most secret science of Islam and very rare). The stars requires a long file, because there are dozens of possible interpretations.

Greenery or orchids

Dreaming of greenery or orchids indicates a spiritual elevation and increase of one’s knowledge.

Precious stones and treasures

Dreaming of gems and wealth indicates wisdom and knowledge.

Animals in the interpretation of dreams in Islam

The interpretation on animals that we often see in dreams. As always, the meanings are summaries, because each animal would require whole pages, including dog, snake, camel, horse and insects. On the official website, there are already several animals that are treated.


Dreaming of a rabbit indicates that one is asleep, not attentive, laziness. This indicates a lack of concentration.

Duck, Ant or Pork

Greed and sexual lust. Note that for ants, the senses vary enormously. In some cases, this can be very positive.


Humility, longevity, but also a great zeal in his work and the success of his objectives.

Dog and lion

Sign of an enemy, adversity and anger. The dog is a weak enemy, but close. The lion is often an enemy in the professional field.


The cat is beneficial, but it also indicates domestic troubles. In general, cats represent children.


Dreaming of a horse indicates a spiritual fight and a journey, but also loyalty.

Attack of dogs

Dreaming of a dog attack means that one must be wary of the inner and outer enemies (near and surrounding). Dreaming Dog Barking indicates depressing news and that difficulties will soon follow.


Dreaming of a cow is a sign of materialism and greed.


Bear in a dream is a sign of adversity that is intense and hidden. Prejudices spread by his friends.

Peacock and elephant

Dreaming of the peacock or the elephant is a sign of pride that can become disproportionate.


Dreaming of the fox indicates someone who is naughty and cunning by nature. Be careful, it’s an enemy symbol.

Donkey and cock

These two animals indicate sexuality in dreams. But it can also mean rash decisions.


The crow indicates illegal money or an illegal source of income. Warning about the work you are doing or the decisions you will make.


Dreaming of the Wolf indicates that we are taking a Bad Way in life.

Monkey and parrot

The monkey and the parrot in a dream indicates that you have vulgar and disappointing friends who will flatter you solely according to their own interests. And they will leave as soon as you are poor.


The dream of the Rat indicates a theft or looting and enemies in his close entourage.


Pie indicates spying or peddling bad rumors. Warning about the confidences you give to alleged friends.


Dreaming of a cat indicates a bad fortune and it shows the deceit and the bad luck. Dreaming of cats that attack you represents enemies. If you succeed in repelling them, it indicates that you will overcome great obstacles and your fortune will increase.


Dreaming of a raven means disappointment in everything, grief and bad luck.


Dreaming of an owl indicates a small escape from sickness and death.


Dreaming of a single snake attacking you shows that you have an enemy plotting against you. It also indicates a physical attack of an enemy. Dreaming of a lot of snakes in a hole indicates a great deal in love and in business. If you dream that you kill a snake, it indicates that you will defeat your opponent.


Dreaming of all spiders except tarantulas is a sign of luck. The bigger the spider, the bigger the chance. If you dream of a spider climbing on a wall, then you realize your dearest wish. If you see a spider weaving its web, then your income will increase thanks to your hard work.


Dreaming of a dragon is a sign of a lawsuit by a tyrant or high authority. This may indicate that it will be necessary to leave the country.


Dreaming of flying birds is a sign of prosperity. It obviously depends on the type of bird


Dreaming of a butterfly on a flower indicates prosperity. Dreaming of a butterfly flying around indicates a new letter from an absent friend or someone who sent it.

Horse or mule

He who dreams of horse and mule always announces good news.

The danger and the warning in the interpretation of dreams in Islam

Some signs that announce danger or warning in the interpretation of dreams in Islam. Be careful, study the context before applying it to your dreams

Fall of a turban

Dreaming of the fall of a turban indicates disgrace, the turban being the crown of the Arabs and Muslims. Dreaming of the fall of a turban on the figure that covers the eyes indicates that we will soon be blind


To dream that one has bare feet indicates a loss. A bare head means the same thing.


To dream of a shield means the coming of all sorts of misfortunes.


Dreaming of fire is a sign of bad news. The interpretation on fire will require an entire page. I have not finished the file that will be published on the official website. But first, know that fire is always a bad sign.

Falling from a mountain

Dreaming of falling from a mountain is a sign of turning back.


To dream that one dies is equal to the death of the soul. It’s just one meaning. Refer to the official website.

Being handicapped

Dreaming that you are disabled – Indicates a spiritual illness.


Dream of Ruins – Indicates a spiritual retrograde. We are talking about financial ruin or that his house is in ruins

Red or black sky

Dreaming of a red sky is a sign of sorrow. Dreaming of a dark sky means something unhealthy and wandering.

Ice cream

Dreaming of an ice block is a sign of impending wrath.


Dreaming of a bath can indicate illness and pain


Dreaming of thunder is equal to loss, poverty and misfortune.


Dreaming of a birth means death and dreaming of death means birth.

Dead person

Dreaming of a deceased person – If you are dreaming of someone who is dead and speaks only to you, pay attention to what she tells you, because it is very important for your life. Dreaming of dead people is a bad sign and because it implies that the influences around you at this time are not good for your business and that you should not accept a verbal or written contract.


Dreaming of a rape. Bad sign. Take precautions, protect yourself physically and psychologically and do not be careless in your behavior.


Dreaming in prison – Dreaming that your lover is in prison means that he is disappointing and untrustworthy. If you dream that you are in prison, it means that you feel shut up and suffocated.

Kill someone

Dreaming about killing someone – If you dream of killing someone on purpose or accidentally, it means an intense period of stress during which you will have to make a heroic effort to control your anger.


Jam – If you dream that you are eating jam, you will suffer embarrassment and shame from a woman’s hands when it’s not your fault.

The good news in the interpretation of dreams in Islam

As in the previous part, these are very short definitions to give you a track to have the true interpretation.


A drawn sword is a sign of war and the victory will be for whoever holds it.


Dreaming of wood means good news.


Dreaming of an inkwell indicates the remedy or solution of a problem. And it’s the opposite when the inkwell is burned, broken or lost.

Precious stone

To dream that a precious stone has been lost or forgotten is a sign of success.

Proper names

Dreaming of proper names indicates the chance or cure of an illness. It all depends on the name you dream of. The name Al Khamsat ul Athaar in a dream indicates the success of a transaction (only valid for some Shia Muslims).

Climb a mountain

Dreaming that you climb a mountain – Sign of progression.


Dreaming of the sky and what is there – Spiritual improvement.

Many precious stones

Dream of a Gemstone Collection – Academic Success and Reward.

Fly in the sky

Dreaming that we fly in the sky – Wish of Paradise.

Practice religious rites

To dream that one practices religious rites – Indicates a spiritual progression.

Being in a holy place

To dream that one is in a holy place – Reward of one’s prayer and piety.

Spiritual entity

Dreaming of a spiritual entity with arms – Indicates a spiritual fight.

Beautiful house

Dreaming of a beautiful house – indicates that one has achieved spiritual completion.


Dreaming of an Angel – Announces success, protection, happiness and an interesting relationship.


Dreaming of a candle – Dreaming of a candle with a clear and steady flame indicates the constancy of those around you and very good news.


Dreaming of a crown – Dreaming of a crown announces a change in your life. The dreamer will travel a long distance and create new relationships.


Dreaming of Diamonds – Dreaming of Diamonds is a very promising dream as it indicates a great honor and recognition of a very senior entity.


Dreaming of a figure – Dreaming of a smiling figure means new good friends, experiences or successful incomes.

Various symbols in the interpretation of dreams in Islam

These are symbols that often come back in the requests. But these are symbols considered weak because they must be associated with other parts of the dream to have an interpretation.

Quran verse

The man who dreams of the verses of the Qur’an will realize the things that are described in these verses. For example, the verse “He will give you God’s help and an immediate victory” means triumph and victory. Likewise, the verse “Surely God has the decision in his hands? or “Paradise will open with its many doors” indicates that one will succeed in its objectives. Dreaming of a verse on retribution predicts that one will be punished. Thus, the verse “One who forgets his sins will be severely chastised” does not need a dream interpretation to understand what it means.


A jar is a sign of turpitude in all its affairs unless it falls and breaks in a hole or river, and in this case, it means that one will escape the catastrophes that are contained in this jar. To dream of the jar belonging to a pious and breaking person indicates that his repentance is not sincere. But if you dream that he drinks water in a glass and that it breaks then he will find the right path.

Go through a window

Dreaming that we go through a window indicates that we will come out with advantages in our transactions. If we dream that we go through a tight window, it means that we will have to make a lot of effort to get the advantage in the transaction.

Thing that is folded

To dream that something that is folded is announced that a secret will be disclosed and that everyone will learn it. If the thing stays folded then the secret will not be revealed.

Read a letter

If you dream that you are reading a letter, it means that you will soon receive news. The type will depend on the content of the letter (good or bad).


Dreaming of the Ocean – If you dream of an ocean while standing on the beach and watching the waves breaking on the sand. This predicts that you will narrowly survive an accidental injury. If you dream that you are far from the ocean and you hear the waves breaking against a ship, it means that you are going to have trouble in a case and that you are going to have a housework scene. To dream that you are sailing on a calm sea is always a good sign.


Umbrella – Dreaming of a closed umbrella is a sign of a very bad chance for the dreamer and his business. To dream of an open umbrella is, on the contrary, the sign of a very good chance. An umbrella that leaks indicates arguments with your lover.

Tell a story

To dream of telling a story – means that we will soon be the wife of a rich man. Whoever dreams that he rides a donkey like a messenger will be lucky in all things. But whoever falls from the donkey indicates misfortune and bad fortune.

The water

Dreaming about water – Dreaming of clear water is a sign of luck and prosperity. A muddy water indicates sadness and sorrow for the dreamer, for he will soon be told of the illness or death of a very good acquaintance. Dirty water indicates unscrupulous people who will lead you to ruin.

Airport or train station

Dreaming of an airport, station stations or other sign of travel indicates the desire for freedom and travel. If the place is empty, then your travel plans will change or be delayed.


Dreaming of a baby – Means innocence, kindness and a fresh start. It also indicates that you will soon have sex. You will also make new friends. If a woman dreams that she is breast-feeding a baby, it means that she will be disappointed by the person she most trusted.


Bed – Dreaming of a clean bed means the end of worries. If a woman dreams that she is making a bed, then she will be getting married soon.


Dreaming a bike – Dreaming that you’re riding a bike on a rising slope means you’ll be successful in your prospections. Dreaming that you ride a bike on a downhill slope means you have to be careful, the bad luck is near.

Drive a car

Dreaming that you drive a car – Indicates that you must be very careful in the conduct of your business because you will lose money if you are careless. If you dream of someone else driving the vehicle then you will be lucky and you will manage your money well.

Unknown or unpleasant faces

Dreaming of unpleasant figures announces a loss. Dreaming foreign figures announces a move.


Dreaming of falling indicates a loss of emotional balance or self-control. It can represent your insecurity, a lack of self-confidence, a fear of failure and an inability to handle a situation. If you dream that you fall and you get hurt, expect very difficult times in your life, but if you fall without hurting yourself then the misfortune will be minor and temporary.


Gloves – Dreaming wearing gloves means that you will have litigation and problems in your business, but you will manage them satisfactorily. To dream of a pair of gloves means a marriage or a new sexual relationship.


Hair – Dreaming of hair means that you neglect your personal belongings and you will stop progressing.


Light – A light that comes out of darkness or a flash indicates that you will find a solution to a problem that has been troubling you for a long time. If the light is dim, this indicates that you will find only one part of the solution.


Magic – Dreaming of any form of magic predicts unforeseen changes. To dream that one is mystified or amused by a magician indicates a reunion with an old friend or a reconciliation with an old love.

Wedding or engagement

Dreaming of marriage or engagement indicates the death of a family member. If the marriage concerns two strangers, then the death will concern a person who is not near.


Dreaming of a neck is a sign of money coming in, but if the neck is broken then it is a warning about your business.


Dreaming of a necklace – If you dream of the loss of a necklace, you will suffer from the mourning of a lover. If you dream that your sweetheart puts a necklace around your neck or you simply wear one, then it means a very close marriage and a happy life as a couple.

Find a needle

To dream of finding a needle indicates that you will have friends who will appreciate you. To dream that one looks at a needle indicates unnecessary worries.


Dreaming that you are running indicates a big change in your life.

Ice cream

Ice – Dreaming that you are sitting on ice means you want to dream of the opposite.


Key – Dreaming of keys indicates unforeseen changes. If the key is lost, you will have mishaps. Dreaming of keys indicates a domestic peace (couple) and success in business.


Letter – Dreaming that you receive a letter from a friend indicates that you will soon see him again or that you will hear from him.

Dream of being pregnant in Islam

Pregnancy in a dream indicates a woman’s success and pursuit of her goals. In interpreting dreams in Islam, pregnancy also indicates recognition, respect, and prosperity. If a man dreams that he is pregnant, then this indicates a painful weight to bear or the fear of revealing his problems in public as in the expression Carrying a heavy burden.

In general, the interpretation of dreams in Islam tells us that pregnancy indicates material gains. In the same vein, dreaming of being pregnant in Islam for a woman indicates hardships and adversities because of the secrets she hides.

For a man who seeks knowledge, the dream of pregnancy indicates an increase in this knowledge while for a craftsman, pregnancy will symbolize total success in his business and he will not fear any competition thanks to the excellence of his work. .

Negative signs of pregnancy in the interpretation of dreams in Islam

In negative signs, the interpretation of dreams in Islam about pregnancy can mean an obsessive love or having an illegal relationship (at the physical level) or having deviant behavior in one’s sexual practices or a kidney-type disease. In exceptional cases, dreaming of being pregnant in Islam indicates a robbery in his house or that thief will hide something there, or the dreamer wants to hide something from his real owner. The interpretation of dreams in Islam also implies pregnancy as someone who easily believes in lies as the expression: Swallow everything you hear.

For an unmarried woman, dreaming of being pregnant in Islam indicates an illegal relationship. For a sterile woman, this dream of pregnancy indicates a bad harvest for this year or a crime in her neighborhood. If you are an unmarried woman and you have not had an illegal relationship, but you dream that you are pregnant, this indicates that you will find a husband at your convenience. Before interpreting your dream in Islam, know to distinguish two main signs of pregnancy in the dream, namely, for a woman, it means wealth and for a man, it indicates sorrow and distress. If the dream is precise enough to count the number of months of the pregnancy, it indicates the duration of the event (prosperity or sorrow).

If a non-pubescent boy has such a dream, then he represents his father and for a girl of the same age, that represents his mother. If a man dreams of his pregnant wife then this indicates his wish to become rich. The interpretation of dreams in Islam also teaches us that giving birth to a child through one’s mouth is the worst sign because it indicates death.

Different symbols in dreams in Islam

Below, we have different symbols for the dream in Islam.

The apple in the dream in Islam

The apple in the interpretation of dreams in Islam represents beautiful children. But it still depends on the dream, but the apple is usually a good sign. This can indicate his will and his determination.

If a trader dreams of apples, this indicates his goods. Eating an apple in a dream indicates determination, if the taste is sweet and tasty, then it indicates that one will legally earn money. If the flavor is bitter then it indicates the opposite.

Dreaming of Aqiqah in Islam

Aqiqah is a Muslim rite of cutting a child’s hair on his seventh day. We must also make a sacrifice on this date. In the interpretation of dreams in Islam, this rite indicates good news, usually something long-awaited, the release of a prisoner or the cure of an illness.

Dreaming of Arms in Islam

In the interpretation of dreams in Islam, the arms represent brothers or close friends. Short arms indicate courage or generosity. If you dream of broken arms, then a close friend or brother will die. The arm always indicates a member in his entourage and therefore, its meaning depends on the relationship we have with this person without forgetting the situation of his life. To dream that we are missing an arm implies that we are not very smart, but that we compensate for it with kindness.

Dreaming of a return or arrival at home

The interpretation of dreams in Islam can set the stage for an arrival or a return home. In both cases, it indicates a refuge against a misfortune (illness, debt, dispute). If a traveler arrives at your home, but you are bothered or embarrassed by this arrival, then this indicates that we will have to ask someone for help and that we will not like it.

We see that the interpretation of dreams in Islam is an eminently complex thing and that it depends on the situation and the person. You can ask your questions and bring your own knowledge in the answers. For interpretation requests, do not wait for a quick answer and this guide already covers most of the symbols that I am often asked to interpret. Do not forget to visit the Dream Interpretation official website for detailed meanings on each symbol.


I have been interpreting dreams in Islam since 2011. On this site and forum, I respond to people who want to give meaning to their dreams according to Islamic traditions. In all these years, I have had a long experience in this field.

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