i’m not sure where to post this question.
have an urgent query about a dream i had but barely remember.
saw my deceased father looking extremely happy. i do’t recall if he spoke to me but it is as if everyone is preparing to go somewhere (a wedding maybe) or something. i don’t remember whose wedding it is. i seem to think we are going to his own wedding.

my grandmother is there looking very happy as well (she is alive) and i even recall seeing my step-mother in the background somewhere.
then it is as if they are all on their way and i am giving him some kind of snack or food in a small container so they have that to eat on the way. i think they all leave, i am not sure what happens. i woke up. and i just remembered his very happy face. what does this dream mean?

i also want to give the context that i was doing an istikhara to take a trip to a foreign country at the end of this year but i was not sure if i should go or if it is a good idea to go. if this dream is the answer to my istikhara, what could it mean?

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