Alsalamu alaykum wa rahmatu allah wa barakatuh!

Yesterday, my sister slept in my parents‘ bedroom, and since I‘m scared of the dark (mainly scared of being surprised by something…), I was pretty upset… and a little sad about the fact, that my sister prefers sleeping with my parents than sleeping with me. I‘m the emotional type, so I cried a little and then fell asleep (I did the Athkar and recited surah al mulk of course). The first dream, I‘m not able to remember, but I know that it was a very happy dream. In the second dream, I found myself in Syria, surrounded by destroyed houses, and I was alone. Then, suddenly, I was in Palestine, I think in Gaza, where everything was destroyed too, and I saw rackets flying through the sky and exploding. Again, I was alone. I felt strong faith in Allah while seeing this. I don‘t know if this has any meaning, but when I woke up, I immediately said: “A lesson about Iman… (faith)” before knowing what I was saying, and I felt very peacefully. Also, I woke up earlier than usually, but I don’t think this is important. Anf, I’ve always wanted to fight for Allah and be a martyr, but since fighting is for men and not women, I gave up the idea (on fighting, I still have hopes to die as a martyr). Syria and Palestine are the only countries I know about the reason of war and so on… Does this dream have a meaning? Jazakumallahukhairan!

MuslimaHadADream Asked question 25 May 2021