I am not Muslim so this dream has made me search for answers to the truth and what it might mean for me spiritually and if God may be showing me this for a reason. During my dream, I was crawling toward a temple that was rectangular and sandstone colored. In front of me was a Muslim woman that was also crawling toward the temple and was clothed in black apparel with hijab. Beneath us were huge palm leaves that were bright green and served as a pathway toward the temple. The woman stopped crawling briefly and turned to look back at me. Her gaze was one that seemed to say come with me. I asked who she was and I heard the name Fatimah, although she never spoke. She turned away from me and started again toward the temple and I followed her. Unfortunately, I woke up before arriving at the temple. Please keep in mind, I had never heard the name Fatimah And so I had to research as to whom she was. I feel blessed that I had this experience but I would appreciate any insight as to the meaning. Thank you!

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