I had a dream which I hope you can explain.

I saw myself walking through a bridge which is located near a park, until I reached the tunnel (BTW this is in real life – the way to where we live). I then stood there but looking at the direction I just came from.

There were people in the park – but I knew they were bad people. I saw the guy I am speaking to follow the same path – but before he reached me – I could see 2 cats. One looked like the cat we had in real life but passed away – and the other looked like the older version of the new kitten we have here at home.

Anyways – I see the cats avoid the bridge because they did not want to pass the people who were in the park (i felt they sensed they were bad too). Anyways they go through a longer way to come my way. Eventually – one reaches me. The cat I see is the cat who we had that passed away (in real life). The other cat i don’t know where it went. As the cat stands in front of me – Behind this cat i see the guy walking my direction. He is behind the cat by a few metres.

And I wake up.

BTW — I ALWAYS make du3a in my prayer to Allah – saying that if this person is good for me bring him closer and if he is not good for me to remove us from each others lives.

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