asking interpretation for a friend and telling you dream as narrated:

she dreamt that she is walking somewhere with one of her children and it’s like a bazaar or something. they pass by this place and see a small casket. it seems its a workshop that makes caskets. so she says ‘inna lil la hi ina ilayhi rajihoon’ and feels sorry because it seems the casket for the funeral of a child. then they walk ahead and they see a larger one and she feels bad now and repeats the same and says it must be a tragic day for a family who lost these people. they then see someone sitting in the workshop and it seems he’s burning some incense. when they look closer it looks like there is a small bunch of curly hair that he burns and it seems to look like a feather when he burns it. and the whole thing burns down and a thought goes through her mind that this is magic and it’s a good thing that it has burned. she remembers feeling in the dream that there is some connection between what just happened and herself . she even seems to remember seeing Allah’s kalaam there and thinking she should read this. and then the man who is sitting there, for some reason, asks to read her palm so that he can tell her more about herself. she sits down but then feels  uncomfortable that one of her children is there and she doesn’t want them to listen to such kind of things and asks them to start walking home and she will follow in a few minutes. then she woke up.

what does this dream mean?

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