A long time ago I had a dream – which has stayed with me ever since. I never remember my dreams: I tend to forget them, There are a couple of them that I do remember. Only the ones that have left an impression on me. One of them was a very beautiful dream (in my experience) since I woke up very happy and sad that it was merely a dream. I was not the subject of the dream but a spectator of a scene. The dream took place in a desert… The sand had a gold color. I thought it was gold. And I heard a call.. Call for prayer (azan).. It came from a person standing on a hill (as I remember a horn was also used, but I am not sure about that). As the call was made I saw alot of people pray..It looked like all humans were called upon and they appeared from nowhere. They prayed individually on a prayer rug (each had his own prayer rug and all prayed in one direction) while the prayer rugs were nog laying on the ground but floating above the grond (but not very high, just above the ground). They all wore old fashioned clothes (like from the movie The Message)  and I do not remember seeing women, only men. Seeing the rugs floating above the ground, gave me an impression that the scene was taking place in after life. It felt like paradise. Seeing everybody pray: the whole picture gave me a very satisfying feeling- feeling of happiness, content and peace on my mind and in my heart/soul.

Thank you in advance.

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