Assalamualaikum. This all started after my divorce, and I felt really deceived and upset. I have dreams of snakes for past few months and the recent dream was quite horrendous and I was really scared after the dream which I felt very real. In my dream I saw Three black pythons among which, one is the Mother python and One is the dad and third to be the kid. As soon as the Kid Python sees me it ran in a direction soon after that, two other gigantic pythons chased me, and I ran as far as possible from them. At some point I tried to hide but, unfortunately the mother python found me out and asked to me about the kid I told her the way and she laughed (gigantically) at me and left. On nutshell father python seemed to be a puppet and he was nodding his head to whatever the mother python said. Alhamdulillah I was not bitten or swallowed by it but still I have the question Why am I dreaming about these snakes more often and I have habit of reciting Ayat ul Qursi before bed. But I don’t understand why the dream is more often now a days. Please I need help to interpret this dream.

Abdullah Asked question 11 October 2021