My dream:

Myself and my sister dyed our hair colours using an expensive dye box – but it didn’t turn out the way we wanted it. Our oldest sister advised that we use a cheap hair dye box since her fiancé used it and it came out nice.

Myself and my sister then proceed to go to a salon. We went early since we both had work at 2PM. The owner of the salon sat us both and asked what hair style would we like. The sister I went with already knew what style she wanted – while I sat there for a while deciding – then I ended up choosing the same hair style as her.

We sat patiently for 50 minutes – as the owner of the salon would greet people coming into the store. After, we decided to tell the owner – we will come back and book for another day.

The thing that stood out for me from this dream is the fact that we had work at the same time which in real life is not true. I work and she doesn’t. Even the fact that we both choose the same hair style. I am aware hair has to do with life – if you could explain further, I would appreciate it. 

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