I had three dreams in one night.

first dream is I was praying salat Al juma in the mosque and there was a man behind me distracting the entire masjid. He caused people to mix up the salah and it resulted in everyone cutting off the salah to confront the man.

Second dream was my uncle putting a gun to his head and wanted to kill himself. My family encouraged him. I was thinking that this is so haram the entire time. He then shot himself and my family called him very brave. When he shot himself, the bullet went through his head and hit my lower spine but I was ok and not damaged.

Third dream was me in a mosque during salat Al juma. I was praying sunnah very fast because people were getting ready to start the Friday prayer. When I was done with the Sunna, I ran the the bathroom to wash my head and ran back to the salah but the prayer was delayed because a guy was arguing with a police officer in the masjid. I don’t think we prayed, after that I went to the women section of the mosque for some reason.

These next dreams happened in the week before the ones above,

I dreamt I was in a masjid and the floor was white like the haram in makka, the floor had around 2 inches of water. It looked clean so I started making wudu while everyone was watching me which made me nervous. I mad wudu wrong, I washed my feet first, I then noticed I did it wrong and I think I corrected it.

I dreamt my neighborhood turned into an island and I went inside the water which looked like a murky pond. I was swimming easily and having fun, I even went under water and opened my eyes. I then left the water.

I dreamt I was in the ocean and I was underwater touching the floor. I tried leaving but I couldn’t. It was like the physics of air, I couldn’t swim. I was okay, I wasn’t scared. I was able to breathe.

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