Aslaam alaikum wa raghma tullah wa baraktu

2 weeks ago my sister-in-law came over to stay with me for a while. When she came over i had a dream.

I dreamt i saw my husband in the a dream and he was happy. He approach us both laughing with 2 little blonde haired toddlers. I asked him about the kids and he said he has brought them to his sister and I.

Last night my sister-in-law dreamt of my husband for the first time since he has passed away over a year ago. In her dream he asked her to rub his face with cream. She says has she was rubbing the facial cream in his face he was smiling at her. and he looked so healthy and happy.

Are these 2 dreams related? and what do they mean. Shukran in advance for your feedback

Zurina Asked question 17 December 2020