There are lot of people in our house, it was some sort of dawat or function. There were lots of kids also, which is unlikely as there are not much, and all were of 6-10 years old.
Some food etc was getting served, i was serving, and suddenly i noticed a bunch of long hairs lying on floor, folded. I picked that up , it was very long, i started looking from the bottom and when i reached up there was band wraped and it was clear that someone cut hairs tied in pony, cut was uneven also.
Hairs were long i looked carefully at the texture of hairs, which was straight and silky and tried to find any resemblance with the hairs of guests present there. Everyone hairs was clearly different from that
I was confused and trying to figure out from where these hairs came.
Those hairs were in my hand and nobody asked any question or showed any interest.
Then i had to serve food so i kept that beside me but after few minutes when I finished assembling food on dastarkhan
Those hairs were not there i asked every child there but no body had any idea.
At the end i was worried and confused with all the scenario.

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