Salam, I’m 23. I’ve been having a lot of weird dreams recently since Ramadan. I didn’t really start taking my religion seriously up untill Ramadan. I did a lot of drugs and haram stuff. I’m starting to get a real deep connection with Islam. My dreams are very heavy. Most of my dreams feel like I’m being taught something.I’ve been writing my weirdest dreams for a while now and would love if you can tell me the meaning of most of them atleast. This last dream I had really freaked my out and it’s the reason I’m asking now. Thanks.

dream I went to go pray salat Al juma with my friend in the masjid. I remember I prayed it but I also don’t remember I did. My friend told me I blacked out and that I started to record the people in the masjid. When I checked my phone to the the recordings. The people were all burned. They looked like charcoal. My phone was able to record people and predict how they will look like in the after life. They were burned from the grave punishment or jahanam. My friend was scared and didn’t want me to record him because he didn’t want to see if he was gonna be burned. Only one man was not burned and he was a disbeliever. He wasn’t burned because he is gonna accept Islam later in the future. I felt like I had the power to get a glimpse of the future.

here are other dreams I’ve also had:

Dream I was walking to masjid Al nabawi but it was closed, I think for cleaning. An old man then needed my help. He couldn’t walk due to old age, I think he was on a wheelchair, he had the key the the Kaaba and I think he gave it to me

Dream where I Saw Quran

Dream I was inside the Kaaba

Dream I prayed infront of the Kaaba

Dream I was learning about the mahdi in class

Dream I saw the prophets grave

I had a dream that it was the end of the world and a Jin came to me and a group of people and suck a womens soul out of her and told her he will torture her soul and make her watch forever, It was scary, her mouth opened and she looked sad and her soul looked like fuzzy black smoked and the Jin was making fun of her, then he told her ima make you watch yourself get tortured for eternity then a white bright angle came and killed the Jin and rescued us. The angel looks so white n amazing and beat up the Jin with ease then Jesus came back to earth and he was staying over at my house

Dream I was attacked by a Jin and I wasn’t scared, I said bismiillah and fought it and won, I had this dream maybe three times

Dream where the whole world was contolled by devils and they all tried to convince me there was nothing wrong, every time someone tried to convince me, I say bismillah then they disappear.

Dream ofAjwa dates

Dream Eating strawberry

Dream of eating blueberries

Dream of eating peaches

Dream about winning money

Dream about getting shot with a bow and arrow

Dream about my mom stealing and I warned her it’s haram

Dream of me receiving many Silver coins

Dream of my brothers  bones breaking and twisting

Dream Big baby and phyco mom

Dream I Ate a mushroom n threw up . Maybe blue outside and white inside

Dream of Hatching duck in my house and I was trying to take care of it

Dream I was a polar bear who ate something that is living and jumped off cliff and fell through the sky and survived. Snow everywhere

Dream I Felt heat in my room

Dream I Found gold coins under a house. A Jew lived in the house

Dream About porn. It told me people from the military use to download to take it with them when they go to war kuz they don’t have women in wars. Then when they come back home, it spreads

Dream of Human bird

Dream of Tiny pea sized white bird, n flying flower, Killed a ant and the saw small cock roach but before I could kill it, out of nowhere got half stung by a black scorpion but I was ok. I killed the scorpion. Later that day, a weird looking bug flied on me in my room ( I never get bugs in my room)

Dream of me trying to kill a cockroach

Dream I was zamzam water

dream of me walking around masjid Al nabawi at night and I saw the green dome

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