Assalamualaikum wrwb, i am 27 years old muslim girl. I am the only child and have had many proposals. However for none of them my istkhara comes positive. Neither in family, nor outside. I have a cousin and we have liked each other since early childhood. But we never had any haram relationship. And sice adulthood i do hijab and veil and avoid him completely. As for marriage his mother is extremely against it for apparently no reason. But he comes in my dreams often. Etc I see him worried and he is actually worried. Even when i am aot thinking about him these unpredicted unwelcoming dreams leave my heart troubled and restless for days. Now i do not know even if he likes me anymore since I do not talk to him.

So one day i prayed istkhara to know if he is the one because he keeps coming in my dreams and i saw that my father is preparing for my wedding and there is a big decorated flat basket type thing. First he places all the trousers, then all the shirts, made for me for the wedding. And his parents( my uncle and his wife) arrive, my father is worried and stops what he is doing. He does not want to show them anything. However eventually he continues and places my shawls and head covers on top in the basket. All these shawls and headcovers are of different  beautiful colours and golden light is beaming through them, from their flowers and embellishments and borders.

Please let me know if this dream has any meaning.

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