Asalamalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Iam a student pursuing masters, I have been stressed upon an issue with my friends spreading false rumors about me over a year now.last night one of them had called me to say sorry and they also mentioned about all the rumors they have been spreading. I felt really bad,I cried myself to sleep and prayed to Allah to make me very very successful. The same night I get a dream where iam in some railway station and there are huge kit bags just lying around here and there filled with money,lots and lots of it.and those kit bags kept bursting when someone said I particular word (I cannot recall) I collected one of the bags and ran into one of the train coach and there I find my best friend counting these money and arranging them accroding to their denomination.I took out some stacks of money from the kit bag I had carried and gave it to her.This was my dream,kindly interpret it for me

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