I saw my whole family and my relatives packing up out and their own bags and bagages. I asked them the reason….my maternal aunt told me that a creature is destroying the whole earth and we have to run for our lives. Just then Prophet pbuh came in front of our main door and I heard his beautiful sound telling me in Arabic:

“O Shajeed…..open your door I want to meet you.”

I didn’t hear such a marvelous sound and couldn’t smell such a heavenly fragnance before…..as I opened the door of my house….I could see him standing before me and he was reflected with the Noor of Allah…..then he sat in our sofa in our drawing room….and suddenly saw that he was talking with my parents….and my were very happy and they were smiling to heart’s content. Just then he, the prophet Muhammad told me that it is Dajjal who is destroying the whole earth and Prophet Isa pbuh has descended on this earth for killing Dajjal and Isa pbuh had requested me to help and come with him to fight Dajjal.

Mohammad Shajeed Akber Asked question 3 April 2020