Asalamu alaykum,
 I had a dream about my neighbor and I really want to know what it means. My neighbor is one year older than me. He always used to stare at me and look at me. I didn’t know whats going on in his head because he looked at me with no emotions in his face he just looks at me. We never talked together before and I’ve never even thought about him either. I had a dream about him he was looking at me and he was asking me don’t I want to get married or engaged to him I forgot which one so we can go ask his mom.  Anyways, I was kinda nervous and a bit scared to ask his mom. After his cousin (boy) came and told him how do you want to marry this girl shes not nice or good which is me and my neighbor was just looking at me with no emotions he was just look. Then, we went to ask his mom and his mom was just smiling before we could tell her anything I woke up. After that dream I’ve been thinking about him everyday and I started having feelings for him until my friend told me that this dream could mean that he’s a bad person. I Just want to know what this dream means.

Ola Biqdad Asked question 14 May 2023