Since last 8 years I am having these nightmares once a month or often that a Jinn which cant be seen has captured me and is torturing me. To get rid of him I Recite all the surah which I have memorised mostly is Kalma and Surah Naas, Falak or Fatiha. Every time I recite this have no impact and the grip gets tighter of the Jinn and I start reciting the Kalima and Surrah louder and louder.
Somebody has to wake me up and to rid of this nightmare. All my house mates and family says that the voice of reciting is very horrifying is not at all normal that scares them.
I have my marriage due in two months and my friends have strongly advised me to get some help with this as it is now increasing day by day.
Your help and advise on this matter would be highly appreciated.

Umer Asked question 9 December 2021