Hey I had dream today about me getting a big and beautiful room with a big window. The room had many things in it but mainly the plants stood out. After picking up the plants in my room I opened a big seethrough window and on the anther side of the door is was a big and beautiful garden. I sat there and planted the plants. I also had my family with me but not when I went out to the garden. It was a summer day and the day was beautiful. What does this dream mean? Also something that I just remembered is that when I woke up my sister sat a plant in my room, when I asked her why she sat it there she said that I would like it. I freaked out and handed it back to her. I didn’t know that she put the plant in my room so I don’t think that it had a couse in my dream.

Karin Sediq Asked question 30 April 2021