After Fajr prayer I felt very tired so I decided to take a nap. Before I did so, I asked Allah az to inspire me with a dream and to make this short nap beneficial for me. I never get dreams, so I think this is why I asked. As I slept, I dreamt of a person speaking to me, I can’t recall exactly what they said, but I remember feeling disappointed in myself (in the dream). Then I find myself holding, not wearing, a necklace. I remember feeling so content, I can still feel how relieved and happy I felt in my dream as I was holding that necklace. The detail I can’t remember clearly is that the person speaking to me offered me this necklace, I just can’t remember what they said! The best way I would describe that is that the person was condoning me for something, but then they offered me this necklace as a relief of sorts. To me, the detail of the necklace didn’t even matter in the dream. I remember it being silver but extremely clear and clean. It had an amazing pattern on it, but I don’t recall any coloured jewels. If anything, I would say it had loads of diamonds studded in it. Like I said, I didn’t feel so wowed by the necklace but it was the way I was holding it, and the reason why I was holding it, is what remains with me. And as I was holding it and feeling so relieved of something, I woke up instantly and that was that. I’ve already come up with my own conclusion to this and I say that because I requested a dream from Allah az, He did inspire me and He inspired me with such good feelings, that I woke up due to that. He knows best. It’s been on my mind and I just wanted to know if there was more to it. I don’t get dreams, I’m sad, but I am one of those who sleeps a black sleep. Maybe I do dream and I forget! But I don’t even recall traces of dreams. That’s why I was amazed by this one. If this can be answered, then Jazak’Allah Khayr. (Also wanted to point out I am a female.)

ServantofAllah Asked question 20 February 2020