Beginning of the dream I see a picture of outside of a palace with a bucket with flower in them hanging on the palace pillar outside and its sunny…..

Im walking at market and stores (rush hour) and it’s raining, I feel as if everyone walking to the same destination but I stop and turn …while I turn I see someone wearing all green (who kinda looks like me) than I walk into the rain into the empty middle of couldersac of the market. Than I start praying and crying than a light beam comes through the clouds and I’m being raisen up to the sky than… all I see is nothing but pure light it flashes 3 times with thunder in the background. While this was happening from the market to the risen to sky background sound was …….(allahu akbar la ilaha illallah)

This all happend during sleep paralysis….while the thunder was happening my heart started pounding as if I stopped breathing and I couldn’t move than once the 3rd flash happened  i woke while struggling to move and wake up.

I feel this isn’t any ordinary dream but a vision from God please help with the meaning behind this?

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