Assalaamu alaikum,

Hi I have had a few dreams and others had them of me that I would like interpreted, jazakallah khair.

  1. Ten years ago, I had a dream of walking on a white plastic or ceramic looking path and it bent while I was walking in some direction (I don’t know where I was walking towards). I had dishevelled hair and bruised looking skin and was very thin (I am not this thin in real life). I was wearing a white abaya to my shins. The sky was just above this path. The path also curved all the way to make the walls on the two sides. I was watching the moon and stars as walking, and the sky was night, and had a deep dark purple colour. The atmosphere was silent, peaceful kind of. I have asked one guy about this dream, he just said my skin/hair was dishevelled because it indicated the ayn/sihr I currently suffer from.

2. Four years later, I have this dream where I am on this train, it moves us over a beautiful meadow full of noor, and then to a marshy empty area which was supposed to be New York City, and then to a pink plain where I was told to repent, and there was a clock ticking til the day of judgement. Supposedly Allah was there and was pleased, but I was told to repent by an unknown voice. In the train from the meadow to New York I was chanting “we’re going to the day of resurrection secure” with some other Muslims.

3. My friend had a vision of me coming out of darkness into light while doing salawat. She was awake though. What does this mean>

4. When I was sick my mum had a dream of me in a green, green lush garden, emerging out of noor and walking like I was floating to her. I had shiny hair and a white beautiful dress that was very long.

5. In another dream, I was told my neighbour did sihr on me and my fam and another neighbour. I was told to remove my date of birth off from social media. Then I was the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, he had a white thobe and black hair (not curly or straight), he was smiling politely and gently and had his arms folded and was looking down shyly. I saw him through a window. But he didn’t speak. Had very broad shoulders, which was emphasized to me by an unknown voice, what could this dream mean?

6. There was another dream I had after doing salawat and then sleeping. I saw myself writing eloquently on white plastic during an exam. What does this mean?

7. The last one I saw was that my friend’s sister showed a window/screen, and was saying “angels of peace” and the window/screen was full of strong white light, and I said was it for her sister, who is struggling right now, and she said no, its for you (myself).

Please help me understand these dreams, jazakallah khair and I ask Allah to grant you a lot of success and noor, ameen.

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