I saw in my dream getting a message from someone but its either god or just something im not sure. This something gave me a hint or a sign to do a rukya. In my dream i saw that i called my mom into my room and told her that i feel like i should do a rukya because i feel like i get unlucky when it comes to guys cause it never works out (im 19 not thinking about marriage till i graduate) ( i dont think i got unlucky to be honest none of the guys were suitable or the right choice)i also told her that i used to sleep naked is it one of the reasons that a jinn fell inlove with me she told me it probably is and we must perform rukya (btw everything i mentioned is a dream) i woke up and my body was aching a bit because i was probably scared from my dream. Is this a sign from god that i need to get a rukya? I read online that if you tense you see rukya (i am tense my dad is at the hospital )can someone please translate what the dream means

Sima Asked question 25 April 2023